Universal T-slot type magnetic sensors

czujniki magnetyczne do siłowników SELSSELS introduces to the portfolio 2 types of magnetic sensors for cylinders: RZ65R – reed switch, 2-wire, NO and MZ65P – Hall sensor, 3-wire, PNP, NO – both available in 2 versions (with 2m cable or M8 pigtail connector). 

These T-slot magnetic sensors can be applied in different types of cylinders due to the small dimensions and wide range of mounting brackets. The size of the sensor allows its quick installation from top of cylinder, directly into T-slot. It is very useful when construction and installation of the cylinder do not allow the assembly by sliding. The central position of screw prevents the sensor from moving, even due to shock and vibrations of cylinder.

Technical specification:

  • wide operating voltage: 5 V – 240 V DC/AC for RZ65R and 10-28 V DC for MZ65P
  • high contact rating up to 10 W
  • maximum switching current 100 mA
  • optimal position of sensing point
  • high switching frequency up to 200 Hz for RZ65R and 1000 Hz for MZ65P
  • visible LED indicator (red)

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