NEW CX Area Sensors from Micro Detectors

kurtyny automatyki seria CX Micro DetectorsMicro Detectors, specialist in the design and manufacture of area sensors, implements new CX family. The CX area sensors are medium and high resolution light curtains divided according to their main features into the following series: CX0CX1 – with standard functionality  oraz CX2 – with advanced functionality; the 20×35 mm aluminum profile makes this new family of area sensors one of the smallest device now available on the market. 

CX0 series:

  • Internal optical synchronization (teach-in by cable).
  • Total crossbeam through all the optics.
  • maximum operating distance up to 6 m (for 10 mm pitch) and 3 m (for 5 mm pitch).
  • 2 digital NPN and PNP outputs (teach-in model available only with PNP logic) NO/NC configurable. For all models without teach-in anbled, it is necessary to manually adjust the emitter (accessory ST140).
  • It is possible to detect very thick objects.

CX1 series:

  • Optical synchronization.
  • Floating crossbeam with fixed amplitude (5 + 1 + 5).
  • Maximum operating distance up to 6 m (for 10 mm pitch) and 3 m ( for 5 mm pitch).
  • NPN and PNP digital outputs NO/NC configurable. For a correct use it is necessary to manually
    adjust the emitter (accessory ST140).

CX2 series:

  • Synchronization by cable.
  • Parallel beams and floating crossbeams with variable amplitude.
  • Maximum operating distance up to 6 m.
  • Double NPN and PNP digital outputs, NO/NC configurable
  • 2 analogue outputs: current (4-20 mA) and voltage (0-10V).
  • Blanking function available*.

* The Blanking function allows a certain safety conditions and through some operating modes, to detect the presence or the introduction of opaque objects in the sensor detection zone, without causing any change to output status. This function is therefore particularly useful when the detection area is occupied by a fixed part which must be not detected.

Additional features of CX Area sensors:

  • Area height controlled from 160 and 320 mm.
  • Pitch 5 mm and 10 mm.
  • IP67 protection degree.
  • Full protection against electrical damages.
  • Minimum dead zone.
  • Connection: M12 pigtail connector.
  • Minimum detectable object dimension is 2mm for 5mm pitch CX0 and CX1 and
  • Extremely sturdy housing.

Market sectors and applications:

  • Logistics/handling
  • Automated warehouses
  • Object detection on conveying lines
  • Presence/absence detection
  • Objects counting
  • Height measuring

CX series catalogue