Reliable measurement of long distances: time-of-flight sensors with 70 m range


SensoPart’s F 55 sensor family has welcomed a new addition: the compact FR 55 distance sensors with time-of-flight technology offer a scanning range of up to 70 m – the best in their performance class – along with a high level of repeatability, and they only require a standard reflector. Thanks to two switching outputs […]

NEW CX Area Sensors from Micro Detectors

area sensor CX Microdetectors

Micro Detectors, specialist in the design and manufacture of area sensors, implements new CX family. The CX area sensors are medium and high resolution light curtains divided according to their main features into the following series: CX0 i CX1 – with standard functionality  oraz CX2 – with advanced functionality; the 20×35 mm aluminum profile makes this new family of […]

Universal T-slot type magnetic sensors

czujniki magnetyczne MZ_RZ

SELS introduces to the portfolio 2 types of magnetic sensors for cylinders: RZ65R – reed switch, 2-wire, NO and MZ65P – Hall sensor, 3-wire, PNP, NO – both available in 2 versions (with 2m cable or M8 pigtail connector).  These T-slot magnetic sensors can be applied in different types of cylinders due to the small dimensions […]

New magnetic pulse encoders from STRÖTER!


STRÖTER has developed an „intelligent“ intermediate flange which considerably simplifies the measurement of speed and sense of rotation as well as the connection with coordinating control systems. What was previously only possible with time-consuming assembly and addons to drive systems is now possible in an easy and economical way both in new and existing installations. […]